KWD Spirit - our company values



The KWD Spirit including company values and rules of conduct are the foundation for our daily work processes, customer service and management. They are guiding the actions and the behaviour of all KWD employees worldwide and bring them closer together. Decisions are based on them and they therefore bring a collective orientation towards the future.


We all take on responsibility


I am reliable,

handle the information and work materials that I have been entrusted with carefully, act according to clear work assignments, and fulfill my tasks on schedule and with the required quality.

We keep our word,

communicate clearly and act consequently, and are committed to our customers and our organization to deal conscientiously and economically with resources the environment in order to achieve our goals!


We are a strong team


I am dedicated,

motivated, goal-oriented, use my strengths and treat others with respect.

We all pull together,
support each other, share our knowledge, and appreciate our mutual successes!


We have the courage to change


I am open to new ideas,

produce innovative solutions, and embrace new challenges.


We break new ground,

deal with mistakes in a transparent manner, learn from them, and continuously improve our structures and processes in order to secure our future!